"You're not healthy, unless your sleep is healthy." ~ Dr. William Dement

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Health Bandit

Five Ways Insomnia Steals Your Health and Fitness

Many people are not aware of the health robbing effects of getting too little sleep. We are a population of overworked, over scheduled people, always trying to cram as much into our days as we possibly can. Some of us even bring our work home with us to finish at night before going to bed, figuring we’ll get a head start on tomorrow’s work. We tend to stay up late to watch the news or a late-night television show to try and relax before bed. We drink, eat or smoke late at night and that tends to keep us up or cause us to wake during the night, robbing us of a really good night’s rest.

In our attempts to cram more doings into the day (for whatever reason—whether to get more work done or to grab a little extra relaxation or pleasure time before hitting the sack), we are putting ourselves at a greater health risk. This book will outline the five ways (that you may not be aware of) that insomnia or poor sleep patterns can affect your overall health and fitness.

We’ll cover five key factors: 

1. How Insomnia Slows Weight Loss And Muscle Growth 

2. How might you be at risk for diabetes?  

3. Can lack of adequate sleep lead to obesity and a higher body mass index? 

4. Is there a risk of heart failure?

5. A compromised immune system